WiFiBoyPro Tutorials

WiFiBoyPro Arduino IDE Installation

1. Install the lastest Arduino IDE
2. Follow instructions to download ESP32 Core & Toolchain.
3. Install CP210x USB-Serial Driver.
4.Connect WiFiBoyPro and upload Blink example.
Note: Select board:"ESP32 Dev Module", Speed:921600 bps.
and choose the proper COM port.
Different OS: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Linux

WiFiBoyPro LCD/Sprite Library for Ardunio

You will need our LCD library to utilize WiFiBoyPro LCD and ESP32 programming. The sprite engine is implemented with a 8-bit offscreen trick. We use GIMP to generate a 256-color image sprite map into C header source.
(Details please check WifiBoyPro LCD/Sprite Library Doc.)
It's necessary for most of our Arduino code examples. Please download and use "Include Library"-->"Add ZIP library" to install.
Download source code: WiFiBoyProLib.zip (2019.5.1 updated)

WiFiBoyPro Tetris Game (Arduino)

This is a Tetris clone example. Written in only 450 lines but full of fun. It's a must-see example for WiFiBoy game development.
Download source code: wbpro_tetris_game.zip (2019.4.3 updated)

WiFiBoyPro Brick Game for Ardunio

This is a very basic game example for Arduino. But It's not an easy to understand code sample. It is implemented with some sprite-engine powered off-screen tricks.
Download source code: WiFiBoy Pro Brick Example Source (2019.4.3 updated)

WiFiBoyPro Brick Game for Ardunio

This is a simple NTP Clock (IoT/WiFi) example for Arduino. Need to modify source codes to connect WiFi AP with your own SSID/Password. The demo code use Japanese Time GMT+9.
Download source code: WiFiBoy Pro Brick Example Source (2019.4.3 updated)

WiFiBoyPro L-Game for Ardunio

L-Game is invented by Dr. Edward de Bono. It's a strategy training game. This WiFiBoyPro implementation is a "never-lose" AI example from Derek Lai.
Download source code: wbpro_chessl_game.zip (2019.4.4 updated)

WiFiBoyPro Galaxian Template for Ardunio

This is a Sprite-engine demo code. It's a Galaxian game scene example. There is a sprite blit(image block copy and paste) and rotate-scale algorithm test code.
Download source code: wbpro_galaxian_template.zip (2019.4.4 updated)

WiFiBoyPro Splash Test for Ardunio

This code example shows a splash display with image animation and pwm sound + key controls.
Download source code: wbpro_splash8.zip (2019.4.4 updated)

WiFiBoyPro MicroPython v2.0.2

Burn this bins to play MicroPython for WiFiBoyPro.
Download bin files: wbpro_mp202.zip
Download Basic MicroPython Blockly Examples: wbpro_pyb_examples.zip (2019.6.4 updated)